Corporate Gong Baths

A Gong Bath experience for employees has many benefits. As part of a wellness drive to provide a counterpoint to a period of greater productivity, or simply to help a team to re-set before moving forward onto the next stage of a project or the beginning something new. A Gong bath can be a powerful way to begin a new chapter within an organisation, for instance after a staff re-shuffle or a merger to clear the way for new beginnings. Gong Baths can aid creativity and stimulate greater intuition which can help people within an organisation to better communicate and interact with each other, as well as be more inspired and think in alternative ways to create more efficiency and streamlined operating systems.

A Corporate Gong Bath experience can be provided to a group of up to 12 people at the same time for a 20-40 minute duration or can be delivered as a one-to one taster session lasting 5-10 minutes.